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Tattoo Plastic Card Printer
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Blank Plastic Cards

Sale Price: $1390

 tattoo 2 monochrome plastic card printer:

In a few seconds, Tattoo2 personalizes in monochrome or colour your pre-printed or blank plastic cards. With a 300 dpi standard resolution and ‘near-to-edge’ printing, Tattoo prints pictures, texts, barcodes and logos as required.

Tattoo2 is a flexible solution which offers a dual card-feeding mode. Cards can be loaded automatically thanks to the 100-card feeder but you can also use the manual loading mode for on-demand delivery. It also features a detachable output hopper to collect printed cards.

Sleek and with a contemporary look, Tattoo2 is today the most compact plastic card printer in its category. It squeezes into any location: offices, reception desks, and even shop counters.

Tattoo2 fully addresses the specific needs of small organizations that print badges in low volume or just once in a while: sport clubs, SMEs, retail outlets, schools, libraries and local authorities

It is ideal for membership cards, subscription and loyalty cards, badges for visitors and employees and much more. Go badge, print yourself!

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